Wednesday, 14 December 2011

End of Module Evaluation

Well what a module.

Looking back to the start of the module I can say that the style of design I have created is, in some respects not the the style of design I had planned it to be.
I say this because although my focuses of designing to create brands and Identity's have remained the same the style in which I approached them was different.

Initially I thought my design was starting to develop a more minimalist style and ethos and although some of my design did stick to this principle I found my self concentrating more on technical and detailed aspects of design.

I also found myself wanting to create more publications and this inevitably started me down the path of type and layout design. Something I was sure I wasn't in to.

I also now know through doing this module that I want to focus on resolving my briefs through print, rather than designing for screen.

Motion graphics is still something that I would like to sink my teeth into, especially now that I have found a new love for info-graphics.

No Nukes

After a bumpy start to the brief I decided to home in on some things that I decided I would focus on in my rationale. The primary being branding and Identity. Rather than doing a re-brand of an existing company I decided to brand an event which would be given a purpose.

designing the content for the exhibition went, in m opinion well. I designed some interesting pieces of design and also got back to terms with creating type as image work.

I designed a total of 5 posters and because it was the start of the first brief and the module I spent far too long on designing the content for the exhibition. This then left me to create the logos and to think of interesting methods of delivering and resolving the brief.

Although I am happy with the overall outcome, I do fell like my time management went down the drain and I became a too pre occupied with creating a huge range of deliverables.

Metrological Advancements

This brief came about after a tutorial with Fred when he suggested that designing a racing team for a metrological company was not appropriate as the company who owned the team would have no identity which is important when designing for motor-sport as it is extremely corporate.

This gave me the idea of designing an identity for a metrology company and then to use the livery car design as a format to spread the companies identity on to.

This was a brief that I felt when well. I came up with a strong corporate identity that was appropriate to who they were and what they did. I would have liked more time to design to incorporate the team more, but looking back I can see how it probably would't have been that appropriate to do so.

Little White Lies

At this point in the module I was very much running out of time. My lack of time management and clear decision making earlier in the module was begging to take its toll.

I designed the some variations for a cover for the film 'Drive' which I was satisfied with. I also managed to improve my skills on photoshop considerably and now often use photoshop and illustrator together when designing

NASA 30 years of the Space Shuttle

This was a brief that went well considering the lack of time I had. I spent the first week steadily thinking of clever ways to display information from some of NASA's space programs.

These ideas where then tested with snippets of the information I had found.

When doing this I began to realise just how much time is needed to create an information graphic. This is something that I will be focusing on for my FMP

Final Print Photos

Final photos for the final prints of the poster. I was pleased with the outcome and the quality of the print which was on gloss, especially considering the fact that the point size of the orbits was o.oo1

Next time I would like to include a simple vector of the space shuttle as i think this would tie the poster off very well.

colour variations

information layout

The thirty years info will be placed at the lower centre of the poster. This will be the first thing the viewers read as it is the most important piece of information.

If you are a fan of the space shuttle then the date should be pretty obvious to you. However it has come to my attention that not all the viewers will be NASA geeks and that this date means nothing.

I will therefore be adding a picture of the space shuttle in to instantly give the the viewer an idea of what they are looking at

These are the layout decisions that I have made for the poster. The information each of the shuttles has been placed in the lower left hand corner of the poster at 7pt.

final graphic

developed design

negative design